Kintsukuroi: On Empathy and Other Things

This is an hour length show that focuses on the importance of empathy in being a decent (less terrible) human being. Using slam poetry, I cover topics like racial discrimination, impulse assumptions, mental health, and moment to moment living. I use these poems to illustrate just how often we don't take the time to understand the people around us. The show weaves laughter, honesty, humility, and heartfelt pain to reveal that the broken things in ourselves and in others are often what become the most beautiful, and ultimately what connect us.


Slam Poetry Feature Set

I love Slam Poetry, and pride myself of producing poems that cover a wide range of topics. From never settling, to racism, to gun control, to searching for love, I always try to blend poignance with humor to better connect with a broad range of audiences. My feature sets range from 30 minutes to an hour, and are flexible around other show timelines and topics. 



Want to have your own slam poetry show featuring your local artists? Hosting is an integral part to creating a show that is both enjoyable and memorable. I host shows ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your needs and how many poets will be performing. I am also available to host and feature the same show. 








I studied acting at the University of Southern California where I received my B.A. in Theatre. I've performed in many plays and musicals including The Colored Museum, Our Countries Good, and Little Shop of Horrors, and have been featured in commercials for St. David's Hospital, Taco Cabana, CMT, among others. Please reach out to me for a full resume and for job bookings. 


Writing/ Slam Poetry Workshop

I love inspiring the next generation of writers and performers, especially because I know how difficult it can be to just pick up a pen and write anything. My workshops focus on cultivating and expressing your unique experiences into ways that are engaging for readers and audiences alike.