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Austin, Texas

Slam Poet

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Who I am

National Champion Slam Poet/ Inspirational Speaker/ Actor/Writer/ Host

I live for live performance. Since the age of 15 I've found expression and identity on a stage, discovering myself through portraying other's stories in plays and musicals. Slam Poetry taught me the sound of my own voice. My aspiration is to use my story through slam poetry to help others share theirs. 


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Andre is not only a talented poet but his skill at making people feel comfortable with the slam poetry medium was evident. His poem “Crayon Box” became the theme of the event which was to celebrate diversity of every kind.
— Sandra Bisciglia - Assistant Professor of Religion at Carthage College
Anyone who has the responsibility to work with young people needs to hear, absorb, and internalize @scsayspoetry poem/performance about the signs of depression.
— @MathPatty - Twitter
His poems are creative, heartfelt, and full of pieces of his own personal history. He is incredibly introspective during his writing process, reflecting on his own emotions both for personal and external situations.
— Victoria Murray - Coach of the 2015 Austin National Group Piece Championship Team
This video changed the way I view everything in may romantic life - or better yet, every aspect of my life. I watch it regularly to remind myself of what I deserve.
— @KatVon34D - Twitter
As one of the main hosts of the APS Sunday Show, he has become a face for the Austin Poetry Slam. He seamlessly transitions audience banter into his emcee duties and the crowd absolutely loves him! SC has become such an integral part of the slam, it’s now impossible for me to imagine this scene without him.
— Jomar Valentine - Slam Master of the Austin Poetry Slam



In anything I do I look to inspire. Whether it's bringing awareness to a social issue, or giving hope to someone who feels like their struggle is singular, I aspire to provide a show that leaves my audience captivated and moved. My goal is to create a safe space where real conversations can live and breathe. 


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About Me

MY NAME IS Andre Bradford

I started doing live performance at the age of 15 through my high school's theatre program. I went on to study acting at the USC School of Theatre and after I graduated I moved to Austin. There, in 2014, I found my voice through Slam Poetry. I've now performed my poetry at schools, universities, and venues in 13 different states for thousands of people. I'm a two time Austin Poetry Slam Champion, a two time Texas Grand Slam Finalist, and National Group Piece Champion.